Always On


From a generic camera solution to an optimized risk assessed surveillance solution. Placing cameras in the most vulnerable locations with a dedicated control room and automated alert system to ensure real-time updates on your assets.

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Always On Control Centre

24/7 Control Centre

AMST’s 24/7 Control Room stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to your security. This high-tech nerve centre, staffed by dedicated professionals, provides round-the-clock vigilance, ensuring that no corner of your premises goes unnoticed and no potential threat is overlooked. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our team continuously monitors real-time CCTV feeds, maintaining an eagle-eyed watch over your assets.

Remote Surveillance

Our expert team isn’t merely reactive; they’re proactive risk managers. Trained in swift incident detection, assessment, and response, they minimize disruptions to your business operations by neutralizing potential risks swiftly and accurately. By analyzing surveillance footage, traffic data, and alarm signals, we often detect and deter incidents before they occur, ensuring a secure operational environment.

Globally Connected

The 24/7 Control Room service at AMST transcends standard surveillance—it’s a constant pledge to your security. We provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business operations are secured and monitored continuously, regardless of time or place. With AMST, your security never sleeps.

Secure Your Fleet



AMST’s Camera Systems offer a diverse selection tailored to meet your unique security needs. Our systems support high-definition 1080p resolution, ensuring crystal-clear imaging for precise detail capture. Leveraging the advanced H.265 video compression codec, we deliver high-quality footage while optimizing storage efficiency.

Our systems boast significant storage capabilities, accommodating up to 6 weeks of footage for convenient anytime playback. This extensive retention period not only aids in incident resolution but also ensures compliance with regulations that mandate specific footage retention periods.

Easy to install, manage, and remotely accessible, our camera systems integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. AMST’s Camera Systems aren’t just surveillance tools—they’re comprehensive, reliable security solutions that provide peace of mind and cultivate a safer business environment.

Innovation & Beyond

Combining physical security with modern and innovative technology to provide the most robust and diverse security solution specifically tailored to you.

Secure Your Fleet