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Commercial Fleet

Electronic Locking Solutions

Shutter Door Lock

Heavy-duty lock and bar system that is operated pneumatically to provide the best in reliability and durability. Installed internally and can either be controlled remotely through a control room or through a tagging system. Alternative locking solutions are available depending on requirements.

Barn Door Lock

Heavy-duty pneumatically operated lock with slam-lock functionality. Controlled remotely through a dedicated control room or with uniquely coded transponders, which can be easily reprogrammed if lost to maintain integrity.

Van Lock

Wide selection of solutions ranging from slam -lock integration to an internally mounted locking solution to a heavy-duty external locking solution that is especially engineered to prevent forced entry. Each solution being specifically chosen for the clients specific requirements.

In today’s complex logistics landscape, the security of goods during transport is of paramount importance. At AMST, we understand this challenge and have developed a cutting-edge electronic locking solution tailored specifically for delivery trucks.

Our electronic locking solution is just one way AMST is revolutionizing asset protection in the logistics sector. Rely on us to secure your delivery processes, reduce operational risk, and enhance your service reliability.

Secure Your Fleet

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Secure your assets

At AMST, we’re redefining the future of fleet security and risk prevention, paving the way for enhanced asset protection on a global scale. We blend pioneering technology with unparalleled industry expertise to deliver bespoke security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Advanced Solutions

Our prowess lies in the creation of electronic locking solutions – an innovative approach to asset protection that offers optimal security while promoting operational efficiency. We also specialize in advanced vehicle monitoring systems and remote surveillance technologies, enhancing the ability of businesses to oversee their assets and mitigate risk, no matter where they’re located.

Cutting Edge - Technology

We understand the value of physical security in today’s increasingly complex world. We offer tailored On-Site Camera Rooms, fortified by cutting-edge technology, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Our Retail and Commercial Guarding services ensure our clients’ establishments remain secure, promoting an environment conducive to growth and prosperity.

We’re not just a security service provider – we’re your strategic partner in creating a safer, more secure business landscape.

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Innovation & Beyond

Combining physical security with modern and innovative technology to provide the most robust and diverse security solution specifically tailored to you.

Secure Your Fleet